Who we are


Angelo and I (Melissa) started Brewpoint Coffee in all the wrong ways. We were six months into dating, both unemployed, and didn’t have a business plan in order. I had recently left my corporate job to do community work in the Philippines; while Angelo had been pushing me to dream big and out of the box for months. Both of these things made for a risky combination. I took his advice, and there in a very hot house in the Philippines Brewpoint Coffee was conceived.

It’s not just about good coffee for us. It’s the fact that through great coffee we could have a foot in the door to build up the community around us, to form and support lasting partnerships, and inevitably provide fantastic service. These are things that both Angelo and I could devote ourselves to wholeheartedly. Fast forward to the present, none of this would have been possible without the major support of our family, friends, and now our regular customers. We are blessed many times over and are excited to live out the coffee shop dream.



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June 2014 Caught by the vision to create authentic community spaces through coffee
June 2014 Found coffee shop on Craigslist
August 2014 Purchased Craigslist coffee shop with boyfriend Angelo
September 2014 Brewpoint Coffee is open for business
February 2015 Brewpoint owners get married!
December 2015 "Not Afraid To Love" Campaign
September 2016 Decided to take Brewpoint from being a coffee shop to a coffee company
December 2016 Completed 10ksb Goldman Sachs program for business expansion
January 2017 Received city grant for Brewpoint expansion
May 2017 Started roasting our own coffee
September 2017 Opened Brewpoint Lexicon Cafe in the Elmhurst Public Library
December 2017 Opened Brewpoint Workshop & Roastery

"if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

mission statement


"Creating and empowering authentic community spaces."

What Makes Us Tick


Engagement: We believe that it is important to be present and have a voice in the ways that we interact. Whether it is as individuals or as a platform, we don't want to shy away but thoughtfully engage in everything we do.



Kindness: We believe that Brewpoint is only worth doing if it makes the world a better place, and you can't do that without kindness. A quote that rings true for us is, "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about."  



Diversity: This includes both equity and equality. We believe that all people, no matter what categories, have immense worth and dignity. Different perspective and backgrounds only add to our creativity and success. 



Thoughtfulness: We believe that reflection on our actions and intentions are imperative to treating people well. We also believe our business decisions and structures reflect our values and we strive to have thoughtfulness permeate everything we do.



Respect: We believe that if we start from a foundation of respecting our policies, our fellow employees, our managers, and our customers; we are all able to do our jobs at a high level. 



Growth: We believe that we can always do a little better every day. This means seeking feedback for improvement, embracing constructive conversations, and looking for ways to help those around you grow as well.